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Now, with ease, you will be able to repair your computer or mobile device while you are at your place or through our branches with original spare parts at the best price, best quality, and longest warranty period.
Don't worry, be happy, we are always around you.
Whatever your device is, we can repair it!

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Our Values

Service Quality

We adhere to the highest quality standards to ensure your satisfaction.

Data Security

We ensure the protection of your data and devices.

Commitment to Deadlines

We are committed to delivering on time.


We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.


We offer a warranty on all our services.


We work hard to build trust with our customers.


Our team is highly efficient to ensure the best results.


We deal with our customers with complete transparency to ensure mutual trust.


We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism in all our services.

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iRepair يونيو 01, 2024

فروع iRepair

اتصل بنا : 01001402526

🏢 فرع حلوان : ٣٨ شارع محمد سيد احمد تقاطع شارع احمد أنسي بجوار مكتب البريد.

🏢 فرع الدقي : ٥٦ أ شارع شارل ديجول أمام مقر مجلس الدولة.

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فروع iRepair
iRepair يونيو 01, 2024

iRepair معاك بكل مكان

مع iRepair، أينما كنت، نضمن لك خدمة ممتازة وسريعة لإصلاح أجهزتك. نحن هنا لنقدم لك أفضل الحلول بأعلى جودة وأفضل سعر.

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iRepair معاك بكل مكان

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